Founders Holding Co.

Our Portfolio

Founders Holding Co. operates as a collection of business ecosystems. Because we’re technology-focused, an ecosystem starts with a strong software platform that the industry relies on to be efficient. This technology acts as the hub of the ecosystem, and is used to drive innovation within several industries and identifies new problems to solve and businesses to acquire. 

Founders Software

Founded in 2010, Founders Software was created to support and to help scale companies within the Non-Emergency Transportation Industry. We provide “on-demand” software as a solution to fix complex issues and to streamline day-to-day operations for those in need of and in the business of providing transportation and logistics. 

Founders Logistics

Founders Logistics is the largest regional Independent Service Provider for FedEx Ground and Delivery Service Provider for Amazon. Our mission at Founders Logistics is to provide first-rate delivery services to our customers and to support the communities in which we operate by providing meaningful employment opportunities and job training and other initiatives to create change.

Founders Gateway

Founders Gateway is the hub that increases efficiency and supports the growth of all Founders Holding Co. entities. We provide the tools necessary for each of these businesses to be more competitive by applying technology solutions and shared services, including accounting, human resources, recruiting, and marketing.

Founders Mobility

Founders Mobility is our passenger transportation division of Founders Holding Co. Over the past 15 years, our commitment to quality and focus on innovation has allowed us to develop into the largest non-emergency health and human services transporter in New York State. We take great pride in providing individuals with disabilities access to various places in our community through transportation services