Founders Holding Co.

Capitalizing on Potential By Building For Tomorrow

Founders Holding Company is committed to strategic investments. We forge lasting partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. With a focus on sustainable value creation, Founders Holding Company is a beacon for those building enduring and impactful enterprises.


At Founders Holding Company, we believe in the power of strategic investments to transform ideas into impactful enterprises. We partner with ventures that foster an environment where innovation flourishes.


Partnership is at the heart of Founders Holding Company. We go beyond traditional investment roles, cultivating meaningful collaborations. Our commitment extends beyond capital infusion, as we actively engage with our partners, offering strategic guidance and resources.


At our core, we understand that growth is more than just numbers. Whether it's scaling operations, entering new markets, or executing transformative strategies, Founders Holding Company stands as a steadfast partner, committed to nurturing sustained and impactful growth.

The right partner for founders.

The right vehicle for investors.

Through complete collaboration, we empower entrepreneurs to navigate challenges, unlock potential, and scale their businesses with confidence. As a trusted partner in growth, Founders Holding Company is dedicated to ensuring every investment journey is a testament to innovation, resilience, and lasting success.


Throughout Founders Holding Company’s over 65 year existence our portfolio not only represents an investment in business, an investment in entrepreneurs, but it represents an investment in community. Whether its commercial, real estate, software, or any of the multitude of industries we have been a part of we have one goal in mind: to provide innovative initiatives to needed services.


We are committed to supporting businesses, growing our ecosystem, and accelerating growth in a way that strengthens our overall portfolio. We invest strategically in our business to ensure our founders have the proper tools and resources to succeed. We focus on our people and spend the time investing in them so they can drive the business forward. We want our businesses to learn from each other and share best practices to evolve together. We give our leaders the tools to succeed, allowing them to develop and grow in their roles. 






Our strategic approach empowers manufacturing ventures to thrive in dynamic markets, ensuring enduring success and industry leadership.


With a commitment to community impact, we identify and fuel ventures that redefine customer experiences and set new industry standards.


Leveraging strategic investments and market expertise we unlock value and are a catalyst for building up communities.


By fueling cutting-edge technologies and logistics solutions, we are at the center of where innovation meets sustainability.


Through innovation, we provide the guidance needed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and software development.

Making A Difference

Founders Holding and our sister companies are among the most ranked of the fastest-growing tri-state area-based private companies.

We are incredibly honored to be recognized for supporting and growing businesses to their fullest potential. We’re so proud of our employees’ commitment and tenacity to keep this mission alive each and every day.

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