Founders Holding Co.

David Peuhn

Chief Innovation Officer

David Puehn

Chief Technology Officer

An Inc. 5000 CTO

David Puehn is a seasoned technologist and software entrepreneur having worked in a handful of mobility and software start-ups over the past 14 years. David built a successful software called BiTS where he created and scaled three successful SaaS product lines before co-founding Founders Software Inc.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Dave currently lads the software and creative development teams at Founders to ensure our product portfolio and technology remain best-in-class. he also works closely with the acquisition team to identify innovative technologies, markets, and like-minded founders to strengthen and drive future growth of the Founders ecosystem. 

Buffalo, NY is Dave’s hometown, where he was born and raised, studied Computer Science, and started a family. Outside of work, Dave’s focus is on spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys the outdoors, wine, chamber music, bread making, and restoring old homes.